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Want to become a content creator at Nigh Side? We work with a diverse range of freelancers covering a broad range of subjects including (but not limited to) Politics, News, Current Affairs, Social Commentary and Humour/Satire.

What to send us

If you’ve got a unique Article or piece of Content that you think fits Nigh Side then we’d love to see it. We’ll have our team of moderators look over your work and if it is what we’re looking for then we’ll get back to you with more details. Simple.

What you get

If you’re accepted onto our regular team then you’ll get a platform to publish your views and banner space for every piece of content you create.

Where to send it

Submit your Article or sample Content below with your e-mail address at the bottom of your submission so we can contact you (sample Article/Content should be no more than 2000 words)

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