10 Things the Tories Hate About You

1) You’re young.

The Tories do not support the vote for 16-17 year olds. This is a stark example of how their undemocratic tendencies serve to place party before country. Perhaps, if young people voted Tory with the same gusto that pensioners do, their rights would be similarly prioritised.

2) You’re a student.

The coalition’s decision to treble student tuition fees in 2012 was disastrous for students. Moreover, the decision to scrap maintenance grants for the very poorest students underlines the government’s disinterested approach to social mobility.

3) You’re a member of a trade union.

The Conservative party is infamous for its systematic attempts to undermine the labour movement in the UK. However, David Cameron plumbed new depths this year with the Trade Union Act 2016.

4) You’re entitled to your privacy.

Theresa May’s Snooper’s Charter requires ISPs to store data on all their customers’ internet activity for 12 months. With May in number 10 there could well be fresh impetus behind the bill.

5) You’re guaranteed human rights.

On the subject of rights, Theresa May is personally hostile towards the Human Rights Act 1998. Amongst other things, the act guarantees a right to a fair trial, freedom of expression and freedom from discrimination.

6) You’re a public sector worker.

Last summer, the tories announced that wages of those in the public sector would be capped at a 1% annual increase for the next four years. This means that Britain’s teachers, nurses and soldiers will continue to be overworked and underpaid.

7) You’re an immigrant. 

The tories don’t merely harp on about a “Points Based Immigration System”. They’re actively hostile towards immigration and immigrants as illustrated by the infamous “go home” buses.

8) You’re a single parent.

Despite Osborne’s supposed “U-turn” on child tax credits, the incoming move to Universal Credit could cost a single mother with two children as much as £3,000 a year.

9) You’re a woman.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that their leader is one! Austerity policies have predominantly impacted upon women and the tories’ claim to be the party of inequality is palpably false given that just 20% of Tory MPs are female (compared to Labour’s 43%).

10) You’re a muslim.

Finally, this year’s london mayoral campaign saw the Tories reserve particular ire for Britain’s muslim community. Zac Goldsmith’s deplorable dog-whistle campaign saw him attempt to stoke up racial tensions to defeat Sadiq Khan. Moreover, the government’s counter-extremism strategy PREVENT has been criticised by human rights groups for being discriminatory.