5 reasons the Labour Party should have listened to Jeremy Corbyn on Trident

1) It costs £100bn.

 The cost of buying, running, and maintaining submarines with nuclear weapons on them is enormous. Over their lifetime, the Trident nuclear submarines will cost at least £100bn. To put this into context, the total cost of the Job Seeker’s Allowance benefit in 2012 was only £4.9bn. Why are we funding nuclear weapons that we’ll never use when we could be building hospitals, improving our schools and supporting people whose benefits have been slashed?

2) The use of Nuclear Weapons is immoral.

 In her first PMQs, Theresa May was asked whether she would press a button that would kill 100,000 innocent men, women, and children with a nuclear bomb. Her answer was instant: Yes. Do we really want to live in a society that thinks it acceptable that our Prime Minister would be willing to authorise the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people?

3) Trident is not an independent nuclear deterrent at all.

 When you read about Trident in the Mainstream Media or hear a politician talking about it on the Andrew Marr Show, there is often an emphasis on the fact that it is an independent nuclear deterrent. This is not true. We are so reliant on the United States for the maintenance of our nuclear capability that we cannot, in any meaningful sense, claim that we could use it if the United States did not authorise its use. The British Trident missiles are serviced at a port in the Georgia, US, and our warhead components are also manufactured in the United States. Independent? Not so much.

4) Most contemporary threats to British people cannot be deterred.

 The so-called Islamic State, and other ‘Islamic’ terrorist groups which pose the biggest threat to the British people of any current foreign organisation, cannot be deterred by nuclear weapons. So-called Islamic soldiers fighting in the name of a twisted Jihad do not fear death, and this means that the threat of destruction serves no purpose. The real way to fight against these new foreign threats is through cutting our ties with corrupt and despotic regimes like the House of Saud, who we are currently allied with, whose Wahhabist ideology inspired the rise of ISIL.

5) Nuclear weapons do not pose a serious threat.

Nuclear weapons are a relic from the Cold War. The serious threats in the 21st Century are not nuclear weapons, they are attacks like the one in Munich, like the one in Nice, and like the one in Orlando. They are attacks committed with assault weapons by the mentally ill. If we want to prevent these attacks, nuclear weapons will not help us. What will help us is using money we would save from scrapping Trident to fund our mental health system, and never again pursuing ridiculous and immoral wars in the Middle-East like we have done in Iraq and Syria.