Donald Trump has declared that if elected as President of the United States, he will host a gigantic party in order to celebrate what would be a quite incredible achievement but one that will strictly only be open to illegal immigrants. The 70 year old has refused to state why the celebratory event won’t be open to all US citizens but has ensured all prospective attendees that it’s purely a night of fun and entertainment and law enforcement officers will definitely not be hiding in the kegs of beer.

With Trump still unable to give precise answers about how exactly he will track down the millions of people living in the US illegally, some critics have been raising suspicion about the motive behind the party and fear that is may be some sort of trick which will see all attendees deported as soon as they arrive, or at least after a few rounds of ring of fire.

Trump has been quick to deny such accusations however and considered the idea to be an outlandish one. Speaking to a large crowd in Iowa he said that “Look, I’m just trying to let these illegal immigrants have a good time here and let them celebrate the re-emergence of America’s greatness. Why would I need to trick illegal immigrants to come to me when I’m working on an amazing and affordable plan to deal with the colossal, almost impossible task of rounding up millions of people without any official documentation?”

We spoke to one illegal immigrant, who preferred to remain anonymous, to ask him if he would be keen to attend Trump’s party which would be held in Central Park. He told us that “Naturally I’m a little suspicious of what Trump is planning to do at this party but I once went on a night out in Blackpool so it’s hard to think it will end up much worse than that.”

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