Labour‘s National Executive Committee have ruled that only people named Owen Smith can vote in the upcoming Labour Leadership contest. Moreover, amidst reports that the new criteria are “too open to entryists”, the NEC will be voting tomorrow on a proposal to limit the electorate to people named Owen Smith who are from Pontypridd.

The new decision comes merely days after the Court of Appeal ruled that the Labour party was able to block 130,000 new members voting in September’s leadership election. General secretary of the NEC, Iain McNicol, said the latest voter cull was necessary to ensure a fair election which was free of “crazy Marxists, hell-bent on dragging Britain so far to the left that we’ll travel across the Atlantic.”

Recently released figures show that if the proposed change goes ahead, only three members will be eligible to vote. However, this number may increase substantially as residents of Pontypridd desperately look to legally change their name to Owen Smith in time for the election.

One source from inside the Labour party however told us that only members who were called Owen Smith on, or before, the 12th January will be eligible to vote, dealing yet another blow for Jeremy Corbyn who looks like he may need to persuade his sole challenger, Owen Smith, to vote for him, possibly by using free ice cream.

Elsewhere, Labour members from around Britain who are already called Owen Smith are frantically searching on Zoopla for some habitable accommodation in the Pontypridd area. While there have been no suitable properties so far, it is thought house prices in the area will sky rocket if anything eventually becomes available.

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