The US presidential election has given not just Americans, but citizens of the world much cause for concern. As the candidates have whittled down from a flurry of Republicans each as stupid and dangerous as the other, we’ve been left with the most dangerous one of them all – A man who doesn’t value his word.

Each time Donald Trump opens his mouth, it’s to say something rude, offensive, racist and/or sexist. His comments are mostly outright lies if not grossly misleading and he has been successfully misleading the American public for the last several months. Trump may or may not be broke and this may or may not all be a big publicity stunt but what worries me is the vitriolic hate speech and actions that he seems to have legitimised in the minds of his followers and supporters.

America’s black, Mexican, Muslim and other minority populations have always been marginalised but now with the lens of social media allowing greater audiences to become aware of the crimes perpetrated against these group, it’s astonishing to find that Trump supporters still stand by their racist point of views. There are supporters who staunchly maintain immigrants and refugees will take their jobs while they themselves are jobless. There are supporters passionately decrying Islam and Muslims as oppressive to women while wearing t-shirts with misogynistic and degrading slogans aimed at Hilary Clinton.

These are the people that scare me. Because no amount of watching unarmed black men getting shot for no reason, hearing about black women being stopped and strip searched in public, or finding out that innocent American Muslims are being shot to death in their own front yards will convince them that what they think, believe and say is wrong.

The deep rooted hatred and mistrust of minorities in America has been fuelled by the racist rantings of a man who places no value on his own words or the words of others. Trump not only vilifies minorities but has no respect for the indigenous population of his own nation. His mocking and derogatory references to Elizabeth Warren as ‘the Indian’ and ‘Pocahontas’ are a disgrace to a man vying for the presidency. Every single speech of his is a repetition of the same adjectives of great, big, strong and good to describe himself and his vague policies and ideas which he cannot expand on no matter how many times and how many ways he’s asked.

This is the man who has too much pride to say apologise. He will say, I said it but I didn’t mean it, but did I? Take a joke, it’s just a joke, no it’s not. – His web of deceit has been wrapped so tightly around him and his supporters that no one knows what they really want or mean. And that is a dangerous thing. Because if you cannot trust someone’s word then you cannot trust, respect or see them as a person of integrity. And when such a baseless shallow untrustworthy person dominates major national and intentional media channels for months on end – it doesn’t matter if you believe him or not. His monotonous repetition will hypnotise you until you start repeating what he says – even if you (nor he) know what it means. And that is what Trump supporters are doing. Robotically repeating the baseless ranting of an oompa loompa whose been given a mike on a world stage.

Trump’s popularity and the racist antics of his followers are not alone. Following the Brexit vote, the UK has had to deal with an alarming increase in hate crimes as a nation that made its mark by invading and colonising other countries began to complain publically that their own was being overrun. Women in hijabs, men and women of Polish or ethnic descent were openly mocked, jeered and at times even physically assaulted. Men like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are doing as much damage to their country as Trump is to his. Not one to be left behind, Pauline Hanson’s recent election win and subsequent racist comments to national media have again put racism in Australia in the spotlight. But who is doing anything about it?

It is incumbent on all of us as global citizens to stand up against such vicious hypnotic racism no matter which politician in which country is doing the hating. If we do not break the cycle of hypnotised and baseless hate then the world will be a scary place for a generation who do not know how to co-exist and make decision based on fear of the unknown.

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