You won’t believe what Angela Eagle said in 2008!


Angela Eagle will want to forget this prediction she made back in April 2008. Just before the financial crisis, Eagle argued that Liberal Democrat warnings about a potential recession were a “colourful and lurid fiction [that] has no bearing on the macroeconomic reality…”

The challenger to incumbent Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be slightly haunted by the prediction that could not have proved more wrong – the 2008 recession that followed shortly after Mrs. Eagle’s prediction was the largest crash since the Great Depression.

The reminder that Angela Eagle made this prediction is the latest in a series of blunders from the Eagle4Leader campaign – she was ridiculed for assuming that BBC reporters and Robert Peston would be at her leadership launch – when instead they were covering Andrea Leadsom’s announcement to withdraw her bid for Conservative leader.

Political pundits have slashed Angela’s odds of becoming the next Labour leader in the wake of these mistakes. Two days ago, Labour’s National Executive Committee made a decision to allow Jeremy Corbyn to remain on the ballot without requiring the 51 nominations by Labour MPs that challengers to the Labour leadership require. This decision is thought to have bolstered Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of remaining Labour leader until 2020 – much to Angela’s dismay.